Trove and The Geelong Advertiser

Anyone with family history interests in the Geelong area knows (or should know) Suzie Zada’s name and be familiar with her website and blog. Yesterday’s blog post was in her words ‘a bit of a rant’ about why the Geelong Advertiser is not included in Trove. And it’s a darn good question. One worth thinking about really, it just hadn’t occurred to me that it wasn’t there.

I guess another good question is why we’ve not got a link to Suzie’s blog on our website – that’s one I can fix!


  1. Fran Nugent

    Yes! I have been asking trove on and off for 2yrs when The Geelong Advertiser would be included in trove, their response has always been we have no plans for the near future!
    So well done Susie…I cannot wait….


  2. Di Christensen

    Well, yesterdays rant by Susie brought some quick work by a reader of her blogs
    The Geelong Advertiser will be included in the TROVE project for this year.
    I have many connections to geelong so am looking forward to June

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