Kindred Spirits: the first 20 Years of the Narre Warren & District Family History Group 1989-2009

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Early Settlers of the Casey Cardinia District

274 pages published in 2010 complete with index to people, properties and ships; plus a bibliography. Over 300 entries containing birth, death and marriage information for individuals and families, many of which were submitted by descendants of those people and include photographs not published elsewhere. In many cases detailed biographies have been written by descendants or compiled by the family history group, giving an insight into the early days of many Casey Cardinia families and individuals.

Early Settlers of the Casey Cardinia District Index

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Pakenham Cemetery Tour 2011

Pakenham Cemetery Tour Index

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Cranbourne Cemetery Tour 2012

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Lang Lang Cemetery Tour 2013

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Pakenham Cemetery Tour 2015 Indomitable Women: Celebrating 150 years of Pakenham Cemetery

Indomitable Women index

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Harkaway Cemetery Tour 2016 Ordinary people, interesting lives: a walk in historic Harkaway Cemetery

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100 men, 100 years: a World War 1 Walk in Berwick Cemetery

100 men, 100 years a World War 1 Walk in Berwick Cemetery (published 2015) examines the cemetery’s connections with the Great War. Our stories embrace 100 men from over 70 families – all linked to Berwick Cemetery and the community it served.

Index to 100 men, 100 years

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Sacrifice and Patriotism: a World War 1 Walk in Pakenham Cemetery

Published in 2016 this book tells the stories of 64 families who waited for 120 men and one woman to return. 24 families sent two or more sons to the Front, three of these families sent four or more sons.
Thirty men died on active service; eighteen men died in
France, one at Gallipoli, eight in Belgium, two in Egypt and one in England. Fifty four were wounded, eight of them multiple times.

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For some the bell tolled: a World War 1 Walk in Harkaway Cemetery (plus Harkaway Avenue of Honour)

Published in 2017 this book tells the stories of 36 Harkaway families who prayed for the safe return of their 66 men and 2 women who enlisted. Ten did not return.
Most of the men served in the infantry across 18 battalions
predominately in the 14th, 21st, 24th and the 59th. Four local lads served in the Light Horse, 3 in the Pioneers, 3 in the 4th Field
Ambulance, 6 in the Machine Gun or artillery units. 1 soldier served with the Tropical Force in New Guinea until 1920.

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They answered the call: a World War 1 Walk in Cranbourne Cemetery

Stories of the courage and sacrifice of the 111 men and 1 woman who answered their country’s call and the 65 families who waited for their safe return. Published in 2018, complete with index of soldiers, families, units and ships.

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Peace at last: a World War 1 Walk in Lang Lang Cemetery

We uncover the stories of 98 soldiers from the Lang Lang district and the 48 families connected with Lang Lang Cemetery. Just over half of these 48 families sent two or more sons to fight in the Great War. Published in October 2018.

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