You’ve found us!

If this is your first visit we hope you’ll look around a bit and find something of interest. If you’ve been here before you’re probably noticing a few changes. We’ve shed the old website with it’s dark and brooding colours and static nature and we’re stepping into the light with a brighter look and some new features, some of which will have an interactive nature and invite participation from users of this site. In short, this a very public experiment to establish a website using free and open source software that requires no specialist knowledge or coding skills yet providing the content you’d expect from any family history group’s website.

For those with some knowledge of these things (perhaps more than us) we’re using WordPress as a Content Management System to eliminate the need for coding HTML and CSS because it’s free and there is a lot of support available both on and off the web.

We’re reserving our home page (this page) to list changes or additions to the site and provide hints and tips to get the most out of this and other sites – so, if you’re a dab hand at navigating your way around websites, skip this page by all means, but if you’re not, then perhaps you might like to linger here a little longer.


Hints and Tips

  • hyperlinks (links to other pages within this site or other sites) are styled with conventional blue text (see the blue ‘WordPress’ text above) making them easy to recognise. The text will be underlined when the mouse pointer is hovering over them. Clicking on these links will take you directly to that page or site. There are also links in the sidebars that are styled with conventional blue text but because of program limitations won’t show an underline when the mouse is hovering over them – but clicking on these links will also open a new window taking you directly to that site.
  • if you do get lost while browsing you can return to this page immediately by clicking anywhere in the bar that contains our logo and name on the top of every page.
  • use your mouse – in order to save valueable space on web pages, web masters often hide additonal information behind links and menu items. You can make this information visible by hovering your mouse over the menu item or link. Try hovering the mouse pointer over each link in the Casey Cardinia Blogs list. If your browser settings allow it, the text will change to black and additonal information will appear just under the mouse pointer which you will notice has now changed to a hand with a pointing finger.


  • 2 Sep 2011 – we’ve added a second navigation bar for blog post categories.
  • 2 Nov 2011 – we’ve still got events (ours and others) listed on our ‘Events’ page but now you can choose to view them in either a calendar format or list by clicking on the button at the top indicating your preferred view. Event details can still be accessed from this page also by just clicking on the link. Clicking on the Google Maps button will open another window with the location of the venue already loaded for your convenience.