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RSS – what is it?

RSS – what is it?
Do you read the newspaper every day? If so, how do you get it? Do you get dressed, jump in the car, drive to the shops, park, get out, go into the shop, buy the paper, then get back to the car and drive home before you can read it? Or, do you get the paper delivered and read it in your PJs while sipping tea and eating toast? Have you looked a [...]

Legacy Webinars, Facebook and Genealo...

Legacy Webinars, Facebook and Genealogists
I used to think that eating breakfast in front of the TV was a bad habit until I started eating breakfast in front of the computer – and I’m willing to concede that it’s not the most social thing to do, but if there’s no one else here, does it matter? Anway, this morning I sat down with toast and coffee and watched the [...]

What’s this subscribe by email ...

What’s this subscribe by email thing all about?
Well, we’re glad you asked! Don’t get us wrong – we just love it when you visit us. However, there is a way to make sure you get to ‘see’ every new post without having to come all the way over here. We can send you one email every day containing any new posts for the day. Very handy, don’t you think? ItR [...]