AB Steele’s Shipboard Journal – 9 April 1886

Arose at 4 am to find we were nearing Naples, Mount Vesuvious being in sight we could see volumes of smoke rising out of the crater.

We arrived at Naples at 9.30 am, casting anchor in the Bay about half a mile from the shore. The Captain sent on a boat at once with 4 sailors to engage a steam tug. They quickly returned with one filled with passengers.  The return ticket for the shore was only 2/6 so almost all the passengers went on shore. We had no sooner landed than we were surrounded by a swarm of natives, wanting us to buy their trinkets which were of great variety.

We engaged a guide to take us to the principal places so we at once visited the King’s Palace – a magnificent building of granite and marble; we next visited the Museum and Chapel, which appeared to be built of marble, dazzling the eyes with its splendour.

There is not much cart work at Naples for I never saw a single cart-horse. The horses are very small and extremely light boned. The natives take a great pride in them for they are all as fat as “pigs” and the harness is all silver mounted – which gives a very pretty effect.

The women here appear to take an active part in the work for they were quite busy amongst the masons carting stones in small wicker baskets on their heads.

Feeling content with our little expedition we retraced our steps toward the beach – wishing only that we had a little more time here. We discharged our little guide and got in the tender, and were conveyed back to our ship. I may add that there are no towns in England which can surpass Naples for its scenery.

At 5.30 am we got under weight, and sailed out of the Port amid the shouts and cheers of the natives.

Distance 275 miles.

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