AB Steele’s Shipboard Journal – 30 March 1886

From the hamlet of Wildboarclough I proceeded on my journey to the market town of Macclesfield, taking leave of my friends and relations, I secured a ticket for the 8.14 for London and was soon travelling on at a good pace, leaving the old country far behind – only stopping at a few of the principal stations on our way.

Arriving at Euston at 12.30 I found my friend Mr Bayley awaiting my arrival. We at once took a cab and proceeded to the great Lancaster Cafe, where our friend Mr Lougden had secured beds for the night. Leaving the luggage there, we then proceeded to the residence substantial dinner – which quite refreshed me after my long ride.

We then took a stroll, going to Fenchurch Street to see about getting on board. We saw the Official, and soon made all the arrangements. We then visited the underground Railway riding from Monument Station to Charing Cross; there we visited the House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s. Feeling a little fatigued we wonded our way back to our lodge and had tea.

Afterwards we took a stroll to the Thames Embankment, and saw a very interesting sight of the narrow barges with their red and green light as they floated past with the tide. Feeling content with our day’s expedition we went “home” to prepare for the morrow.

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