AB Steele’s Shipboard Journal – 15 April 1886

Arose at 7 to find we were getting ready for the tedious passage through the Canal. We cast anchor in the bay having 16 hours to wait for the mails, so a lot of the fellows went ashore, and got the natives to take them to Suez for 7/- each, but having got them there the natives refused to bring them back under 10/- each. Those who did go however said it was a very pretty place. We had to enter the Suez very cautiously, only going at a rate of 3 miles per hour. We passed a large dredger at a mouth of the Canal engaged in clearing the sand from the bottom. We sailed steadily up for about 20 knots, and then cast anchor, ships not being allowed to sail after sunset.
One of the fellows had had his leg broken at Port Said whilst hurrying to get on Board, before the Ship saild. He got knocked down, trodden underfoot, and almost killed. Distance 191 miles.

Arose to find we were under weight and proceeding on slowly up the Canal, which is exceedingly narrow on both sides as far as the eye could see was nothing but sand.

I may say that the S.S. Australia arrived at Suez at 10 am with the Australian Cricketers on Board. We gave them three cheers, which was vigorously returned; we bid her farewell and God speed home. The heat there is very excessive bring 105 in the shade. Distance through the Canal 86 miles.

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