There’s a Parishmouse in the house.

Thanks to the English Black Country List at Roostweb I’ve just discovered Parishmouse and I must say, I’ve unselfishly torn myself away from it to write this post!

If you’ve got research interests in England and Wales then you’ve got to take a look at Parishmouse.The site contains free transcriptions of historical books and parish registers from England and Wales. The site is worth a visit for the large collection of photos alone, with photos of churches and graves and illustrations taken from old books.

There’s a lot of information here, the site is searchable and items are listed by County too making it fairly easy to find something of interest. If you’re looking down the list of categories be sure to click on the link to see all the entries, they’re not all necessarily listed on the front page, the little number in the brackets tell you how many posts (like this one) there are. Clicking on the photo thumbnails will bring up a bigger sized picture. The site is a bit slow tonight, perhaps it’s always like this, I’m not sure.

The author wishes to remain anonymous – there is no information about who is doing such a wonderful job. Shame really, so we’re giving them a plug here. And now that I’ve done that, I’m going back to take a look at the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.


  1. Margaret Rose

    Have just had a browse at parishmouse site and will be having a closer look very soon.

  2. Diana wheeler

    Hi Lynne Just had a look at the parishmouse site will have to have a good look at this soon. Thanks Diana

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