Spreading Branches archive

We’ve just completed the transfer of past editions of our newsletter, Spreading Branches from our My Connected Community (mc2) site to this one in preparation for the scheduled closure of mc2 in June.

We have Issue 91 (February 2012) to Issue 59 (February 2004) available to download here in pdf files.

There’s lots of local information, family history tips and tricks and wonderful memories of past and present members, places and events over the past 9 years – well worth another look for long term members and deserving of being read by new members too!

In addition to forgotten stories, tips and tricks, hundreds of websites are buried between these pages – so as one task ends another begins as we decide to transfer these links to our Delicious account but that will be a gradual process for I am fairly certain that the chances of this particular writer getting sidetracked while opening and investigating the links to family history websites are pretty good – in fact, I’d say it’s a sure thing if ever there was one!


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