Legacy Webinars, Facebook and Genealogists

I used to think that eating breakfast in front of the TV was a bad habit until I started eating breakfast in front of the computer – and I’m willing to concede that it’s not the most social thing to do, but if there’s no one else here, does it matter?

Anway, this morning I sat down with toast and coffee and watched the latest Legacy Webinar, Facebook for Genealogists with Thomas MacEntee, because I didn’t want to get up at 4 in the morning yesterday. Now I realise it might not be too good for anyone with a dial up internet connection but for anyone who has broadband and is interested in what Facebook is all about – this is a not to miss webinar. The bad news is that it’s available on the site until 26th September – after that you’re going to have to buy the CD if you want to watch it. I should also tell you that it’s about 90 minutes long, so if there’s nothing on the TV this week ………..By the way, if you’ve never watched a Legacy Webinar before don’t blame me if you don’t come up for air for quite a while. Not all the presentations are to do with the Legacy program itself, many of them are about general family history, how to do it, how to use resources, how to organise your files, how to use social media like Facebook and Twitter. Legacy Webinars are easy to watch and more importantly, easy to understand. And for a limited time after each webinar, they are on site for free! I think they’re probably a very under used resource for everyone, beginners and the more experienced.

Thomas MacEntee (professional genealogist) takes you through the process of activating your Facebook account, explaining recommended privacy settings (and most importantly why they are important) and what you can do and how you can find other family historians, genealogists, family history and genealogical societies, archives and museums, in fact, anything to do with family history and genealogy. Still wondering why you’d want to join? Well, there’s 750 million people who’ve already done it, and don’t think that they’re all kids either. In today’s webinar I learnt that 50+ females actually rule Facebook. How many of them are researching some of the same people that you are?



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