Connecting with others

Our April meeting is all about connecting with others.  There are many ways to connect with people researching the same people, place, event or thing you are. If you’re a member of the Narre Warren & District Family History Group one of them is to write an article for our website or our newsletter Spreading Branches. 

Issue 91 of SpreadiPages from Issue 91 February 2012ng Branches (February 2012) carried a story by Jeanette Angee. Jeanette has contributed many articles to our newsletter. This one was titled The Writing on the Wall or Practical Patriotism shown at Broadford. It’s a fabulous tale of family discovery and World War 1 research with Jeanette’s signature twist or surprise at the end. One of those featured in the story was her great uncle Wilfred John Herrick.

A researcher in Portland is researching a group of thirteen soldiers pictured in Egypt in March 1914. Now, this researcher knew something that Jeanette did not know, Wilfred had worked in Portland before the war. Believing that Wilfred was one of them, our researcher did what we all do – they Googled his name – and our newsletter article came up in the search results. We were contacted over the Easter break and asked to forward a message to Jeanette, which we did.

Then we waited for news. And it was good!

Jeanette now has additional information, three letters from the front, two written by Wilfred himself, and knowledge of where he worked in Portland before the war, and pictures.

So, it didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen eventually.

I am sure our newsletter editor Lyne McGregor would love some original stories from members about their families and their research. I’d love something from members to put up on our website too.

It’s easier than you think, why don’t you have a go?



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