AB Steele’s Shipboard Journal – 7 April 1886

Arose at 5 am and found, on getting on deck that we were by this time out of sight of land. The Sailors were busy getting up some of the 3rd class passengers luggage. The boxes are in dreadful state, one fellow having his box knocked into all shapes and the things lost out only a couple of red herrings being left at the bottom.

The first class passengers have been having Athletic Sports this afternoon on the Promenade deck. The Ladies had a tug of War causing roars of laughter when the Vessel gave a lurch they returned to complement by rolling on deck one over the other.

The men lie idling on deck, some playing cards. There is no little amount of gambling for they make it their daily study being at it the last at night and the first thing in the morning.

I have been undressed tonight for the first time since I left London, and have slept much better and now felt more at home.

Distance 291 miles to-day.

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