AB Steele’s Shipboard Journal – 26 April 1886

Arose at 6 being Easter Monday we had some jolly good sport called BMSS “Orient” sports, comprising:-

  • 1st – Three legged race for men over 20
  • 2nd – Sack race for boys under 14
  • 3rd – Tug-O’-war 6 a side, Married V Single
  • 4th – Water carrying race. I.E. To run with a bucket of water on one’s head without spilling it
  • 5th – Diving for coppers for children
  • 6th – Cock fighting (not real)
  • 7th – Rope climbing
  • 8th – Lemon Race
  • 9th – Tup-O’-war Ship’s company
  • 10th – Barrrow Race
  • 11th – Gymnastics competition

Everyone enjoyed themselves as if they had been at home. The day’s festivities came to a close by the singing of the National Anthem.

Distance 325 miles.

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