Casey Cardinia Combined Index

A number of members have indexed local history material over the years for us. Our amazing Casey Cardinia Coordinator has amalgamated these indexes into our Casey Cardinia Combined Index.

The index currently has 161 indexed resources, it’s mainly books, but there’s a few magazines and fiche scattered among the books too. It’s a great tool for anyone researching the Casey Cardinia area as it produces a list of resources and page numbers where your search term appears. For example, a simple search of the surname THOMSON returned a list of 145 occurrences where the name appears in mostly unindexed local history books and resources.

Our Casey Cardinia Combined Index is always available in the Research Room, but of course, that doesn’t help you at the moment. If you’re researching Casey Cardinia people and would like to take advantage of the index, you can ask us for a search report of your surname/s of interest by emailing our Research Officer, Lynne

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