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Surname First Name Date Town/City County/State Country Member
Napier Thomas 1852+ Ballarat Victoria Australia Robyn 81
Nesbit Eliza c1814 Armagh Ireland Jenny 13
Page Spencer Arthur 1850-1919 Lewes Sussex England Kerryn 343
Park Josiah (Josias) 1889 Skinboys Tyrone/Antrim Northern Ireland Keitha 418
Payne Mugliston Washingborough Lincolnshire England Laurence367
Pitcher Aaron c1804+ Melbury Osmond Dorset England Val154
Pitcher Aaron c1850 Portland Victoria Australia Val154
Potter James 1850-1918 Healesville Victoria Australia Maureen310
Richmond James 1870-1943 Ballarat, Richmond, Albert Park Victoria Australia Anne 28
Richmond James 1803-1855 Kilmarnock/Dalry Ayrshire Scotland Anne 28
Richmond James 1875-1855 Kilmarnock Ayrshire Scotland Anne 28
Richmond John 1861-1890 Ballarat Victoria Australia Anne 28
Richmond John 1833-1861 Kilmarnock Ayrshire Scotland Anne 28
Russell Cornelia 1865-1911 Ballarat Victoria Australia Anne 28
Russell Cornelia 1841-1865 Dundee Angus Scotland Anne 28
Ryan Bridget 1846 Clare Ireland Anne 28
Ryan Bridget 1914 Hotham West Victoria Australia Anne 28
Sandy Charity 1820 Norfolk/Suffolk England Keitha 418
Saunders Charles 1795+ London England Val154
Saunders Charles 1873 Hamilton Victoria England Val154
Sharrock James 1926 Macarthur Victoria Australia Val154
Sharrock James 1837+ Holcott Northampton England Val154
Sheridan Walter 1809 Ireland? Kerryn 343
Sheridan Walter 1809 Australia? Kerryn 343
Shorten Mary Ann 1833 Cork Ireland Jenny 13
Simmons Frederick 1880-1968 Nerang Queensland Australia Kerryn 343
Smith James 1840 Kildare Ireland Anne 28
Smith James 1909 North Melbourne Victoria Australia Anne 28
Smith John McCollock 1847 Greater London England Keitha 418
Smith Patrick Francis 1876-1944 North Melbourne Victoria Australia Anne 28
Smith Phillip 1826-1872 Derbyshire England Kerryn 343
Smith William 1775 Leicester Leicestershire England Keitha 418
Spong William Joseph c1825 London England Jenny 13
Spurgeon James c1808 Essex England Jenny 13
Stephenson Richard Pickering Yorkshire England Laurence367
Stuchlik Theodore Poswig Prussia Germany Lyne265
Studd John c1796 Colchester Essex England Jenny 13
Sweeney Patrick 1813+ Limerick Ireland Val154
Sweeney Patrick 1837+ Tarago New South Wales Australia Val154
Tait/Cooke Barbara 1844+ Delting Shetland Islands Scotland Val154
Tapscott Charles c1770 Culmstock Devon England Jenny 13
Taylor Barbara 1915 Thornbury Victoria Australia Val154
Terry Michael 1805+ Waterford Ireland Val154
Terry Michael c1842 Collector New South Wales Australia Val154
Thomas Mary Hannah c1842 Yorkshire England Jenny 13
Thompson John 1813 Lauder Berwickshire Scotland Keitha 418
Thomson Andrew 1820 London England Lyne265
Travers Catherine 1820-1896 Dublin Ireland Kerryn 343
Travers Catherine 1820-1896 St. Kilda? Victoria Australia Kerryn 343
Tremlett Eliza Maria c1853 London England Jenny 13
Unstead Sally Ann 1849 Seaford Sussex England Kerryn 343
Urquhart Nairn Renfrew Scotland Lyne265
von Schoppe Charles 1836 Itzehoe Denmark Keitha 418
Wagstaff Phillip 1811 Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire England Wendy 243
Warren Susannah 1798 Wivenhoe Essex England Jenny 13
Whitehurst George 1881-1937 Williamstown Victoria Australia Kerryn 343
Williams Thomas 1823 Sydney New South Wales Australia Jenny 13
Wilson Agnes 1810-1857 Dalkeith/Newbattle Mid Lothian Scotland Anne 28
Wilson Henry 1831-1897 Ossett Yorkshire England Kerryn 343
Wilson Henry 1831-1897 Richmond Victoria Australia Kerryn 343
Winson Joseph 1845 Derbyshire England Kerryn 343
Wittick John Walsall Staffordshire England Laurence367
Wittick Walter Walsall Staffordshire England Laurence367
Worthington Susan Ann 1890-1942 Karaka North Island New Zealand Di1
Worthington Susan Ann Mauku North Island New Zealand Di1
Yates Wiliam 1804 Chesterfield Derbyshire England Keitha 418

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